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Understanding Advanced API Risks: Preventing Data Breaches Requires a Fundamental Shift in Architecture

In this whitepaper, CloudVector explores the trends around rapid digital transformation and how they are causing an explosive proliferation in APIs, thereby introducing a fresh set of risks in computing environments. Learn the most common API risks, and how you can protect your enterprise applications from massive attacks and breaches.  Discover CloudVector Enterprise Edition, and how it’s unique micro-sensor based architecture provides an extremely powerful solution for discovering, monitoring and securing absolutely all APIs with zero impact to developers or performance. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to discover, monitor and secure all your APIs to protect against attacks
  • Why it is essential to blueprint and catalog your APIs
  • How to monitor API behavior to establish a “baseline” 
  • Why compare usage patterns to detect anomalies
  • Why securing your APIs with granular policy management is important
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning enable it 

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