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You Cannot Protect What You Do Not Know Exists

Visibility is critical to security because the ability for APIs to transport sensitive information is inherently risky. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire enterprise environment, but it is even more important to understand how data can move through that environment. It is good to be able to identify the hundreds of APIs in an enterprise environment, but it is even better to be able to prioritize the dozen that matter most — those with access to sensitive data or vulnerable to exploits. Visibility is not just seeing APIs and monitoring data flows, it is understanding their risks. CloudVector Enterprise Edition enables security practitioners to know the unknown, so they can protect what matters most: their data.

All-Encompassing API Discovery

CloudVector Enterprise Edition automatically and continuously discovers all APIs, even undocumented or unapproved APIs (Shadow APIs) and third-party APIs. Organizations that use CloudVector to create an API inventory can be confident that it accurately represents their entire enterprise application environment.

Automatically Catalog APIs

CloudVector Enterprise Edition enables Deep API Intelligence into API payloads to capture every parameter and specification. By eliminating the manual creation and maintenance of API catalogs, CloudVector Enterprise Edition enables organizations to efficiently create blueprints (records) of API parameters and specifications that remain up-to-date and error-free. Admins can easily export these blueprints into other API management solutions.

Deep API Insights

CloudVector Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive dashboard of fine-grained API risk analytics, API behavioral analytics, and API traffic metrics. These insights can be exported into a summary report or integrated into other API management solutions. CloudVector Enterprise enables organizations to make informed decisions about how data flows across its enterprise and what data is at risk, so it can prioritize its data protection policies (available within CloudVector Enterprise Edition).

API Visibility is the Foundation of API Protection

Discover APIs

  • Truly agentless
  • Automatic
  • Continuous
  • Real time
  • Discover ALL APIs (including "shadow" APIs)

Automatically Catalog APIs

  • Deep payload inspection
  • Capture every spec
  • No manual effort
  • Maintain catalog
  • Create blueprint (records) of API parameters and specs
  • Always up-to-date

Deep API Insights

  • Complete dashboard
  • API Risks Analysis - identify sensitive data
  • Behavioral insights
  • Identify how APIs are connected
  • Third-Party APIs
  • Apps with third-party APIs
  • Identify unauthorized access


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The CloudVector Difference

CloudVector automates API data security at scale. CloudVector leverages its unique Deep API Intelligence and microsensor architecture to automatically and continuously discover, monitor and secure all APIs, even Shadow APIs and third-party APIs. CloudVector’s zero downtime deployment seamlessly integrates with developer environments, requiring no changes to code, no agents, and no impact to performance. As businesses transform to the cloud, so does the attack vector. Stay ahead of the threat with CloudVector.

Truly Agentless

Built from the Cloud


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Visibility Solution Brief

Deep API Visibility is the foundation of
API Data Protection

Understanding Advanced API Risks:

Preventing Data Breaches Requires a
Fundamental Shift in Architecture