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Technical Briefing

SolarWinds SUPERNOVA malware:  A Case for API Protection for your 3rd Party APIs (10 minute video)

API Vulnerabilities have been at the core of the massive SolarWinds SUPERNOVA malware attack. In this 10 minute technical deep dive video, Ravi unpacks what exactly happened from a technical point of view, what API vulnerabilities were exploited, and what you can do. We’ll review the third party API risks and the role of Shadow APIs in this attack. Learn how you can gain visibility over all your APIs within minutes, monitor their behavior and secure them, to protect your enterprise.  

You’ll learn: 

  • The third party API involvement and inherent risks
  • The role of elusive Shadow APIs
  • API Data layer exploits and data exfiltration

Speaker: Ravi Balupari, CTO, CloudVector

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About Ravi Balupari:

Ravi is CTO of CloudVector, which he co-founded 2 years ago with other cyber experts to address the need for advanced API security in a perimeter-less world where sensitive data in transit has significantly increased the threat vectors. He has over 20 years of cyber security experience, in the areas of API security, Network security, Protocol reverse engineering, IDS/IPS technologies, CASB technologies, Vulnerability & Exploit research, Data Science and ML/AI, Malware & Threat Research. Prior to founding CloudVector, he was a founding team member of Netskope and built 4 core engineering teams. He also founded the Netskope Threat Research Labs focusing exclusively on cloud threats in addition to traditional malware threats. Prior to Netskope, he worked at McAfee where he contributed towards and led teams in the areas of IPS/IDS, Vulnerability & Exploit Research & Signature Content.