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API Security Checklist: Cheatsheet

Over the last few weeks we presented a series of blogs [1][2][3] outlining 15 best practices for strengthening API security at the design stage. Here are three cheat sheets that break down the 15 best practices for quick reference:

As APIs become the fabric for applications, the cyber security threats exploiting APIs, are dramatically increasing. We will continue to update our guidance for the API Security checklist. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or would like to see something included in the checklist, feel free to contact us at


CloudVector provides a community free tool that evaluates the security risks associated with APIs. For more information check out – api-risk-assessment

Sandeep Yadav is the Director of Data Science at CloudVector. He has over a decade of experience in building threat detection systems using machine learning and deep learning. Sandeep has authored several publications in top-tier IEEE/ACM conferences and journals, and is a co-inventor of multiple patents. At CloudVector, Sandeep leads the effort for developing effective ML/DL solutions to API-based threat vectors.