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API Spec Risk and Compliance Assessment

Secure API development starts with a good design in API specifications. This free community tool helps your API Development team enforce security best practices in API spec. Our complimentary assessment tool helps to: 

  • Apply a set of built-in rules to provide a risk and compliance score card
  • Define your own custom rules to implement your organization’s best practices
  • Quantify your API spec risk and compliance violation distribution using the scorecard
  • Identify key risk and compliance violation themes manifested in the API spec
  • Recommend improvement required for your API spec
  • Integrate with CI/CD pipeline to ensure continuous assessment

Please upload an OpenAPI (both v2/swagger and v3 supported) API Spec in JSON/YAML file format. Our team will run a free risk assessment on your spec and send you a PDF report containing assessment details. Only built-in rules are applied. 

Please contact us to download your own free API Spec Risk and Compliance Assessment tool.

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    Accelerate App Development with Secure Design of APIs

    As enterprises are modernizing their applications, they are undergoing a major shift in architecture and infrastructure. A major force enabling rapid development is APIs. This whitepaper reviews various API design approaches, including API-First design, Iterative API Design and Service-First design and why it is essential to embed security best practices into the design and definition of API specs. Learn about CloudVector API SpARC, a tool for API specification analysis to identify security risk and compliance issues.

    Learn how to evaluate secure design with these best practices:

    • API Transport definitions
    • Authentication and Authorization definitions
    • Data Type definitions
    • API Life-Cycle considerations
    • API Specification file management