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Advanced API Threat Protection
= A new chapter ahead as we have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Imperva. Discover, monitor and secure sensitive API data flows with Deep API Intelligence™. Please read a blog from our CEO, Lebin Cheng, about the big news.

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From the discovery of unknown “Shadow APIs” and the creation of API catalogs to the monitoring of API behavior, CloudVector gives organizations the ability to know the unknown, so that they can protect what matters most: their valuable enterprise data.

Application Modernization & Cloud Migration

Document the infrastructure, resources, and APIs needed to accelerate your journey to the cloud. CloudVector quickly delivers the deep API insights needed to rapidly onboard API gateways, so that organizations can focus on more important work: transforming their business.

Third-Party Risk

A security audit may provide peace of mind, but it can’t stop a motivated attack. Only CloudVector provides the deep API inspection required to blueprint the API specifications and to monitor the behavior of third-party applications to detect malicious behavior.

Quality Assurance & Application Testing

From dev to test to production, CloudVector automatically and continuously creates and maintains a catalog of API behaviors that can optimize application QA. Best of all, CloudVector seamlessly integrates with DevOps, so that organizations can move fast without breaking things.


Discover API Blueprints

It is impossible to secure the data layer without first understanding its blueprint. Quickly and automatically create a blueprint at the payload level. Create a catalog of all your APIs to monitor their behavior.

"CloudVector is the first solution we have found with the ability to automatically discover and secure all of our APIs. It is a powerful tool to collect evidence for audits while ensuring a secure API environment.”

Shiva Cheedella
Head of IT and Information Security, Theatro

Monitor to Detect Deep Data Layer Anomaly

CloudVector uses its high fidelity API blueprint to create a baseline behavior model and compare usage patterns. CloudVector models the behavior of the API, the behavior of the user interacting with the API and the behavior of the service hosting the API to monitor for anomalies and to automatically detect advanced API threats.

The power to continually and automatically monitor large quantities of APIs, and spot out-of-pattern behavior is critical. Establish a baseline behavior model and compare usage patterns to detect anomalies.


Security Enabled by Autonomous Policies

CloudVector automatically applies AI-enabled protection policies to prevent API abuse and API-related data breaches. Continuously and automatically updated policies ensure targeted response actions against API abuses.

Granular controls enable CloudVector to respond at a session level by invalidating the access token of a single session instead of taking down the entire application.

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