Next-Gen API Visibility and Security

Business Risk Discovery and Threat Protection for ALL APIs

API Security Challenges

Agile CI/CD leads to manual API Specs becoming outdated

Lack Of Data Visibility & Monitoring For Anomalies 

New API Attacks Easily Bypass Gateways Lack of Monitoring

Maintain Security & Compliance Without Impacting DevOps

See How CloudVector Addresses OWASP API Security Top 10​

Automated API Catalogs

  • Autonomous API Blueprinting
  • Dynamic & Continuous Risk Assessment

Deep API Monitoring

  • API Deep Payload Inspection
  • AI/ML Driven Anomaly Detection

Autonomous Policies

  • Automated Policies Based On AI/ML Data Classification
  • Continuous Protection Against OWASP API Security Top 10

Seamless Deployment

  • No Change To Code or Network
  • AWS, Azure & GCP Native


The Free API Discovery & Monitoring Tool

Automated Enterprise API Catalog | Deep API Monitoring | Proactive Risk Assessment

Does Your API Management Gateway Address OWASP API Security Top 10 ?

Missing Capability Why You Need It
API Data & Payload Inspection Protection against Data Exfiltration
Automatic & Continuous Updates Keep up with agile DevOp changes to APIs
Discover ALL APIs Detect Shadow APIs
Interpret API Data formats API Security needs understanding of modern-day API data languages - JSON, gRPM, REST, GraphQL etc.

Shift-Left API Risk Assessment

Make developers aware of potential API design vulnerabilities prior to application development.

Developers run a risk assessment on OpenAPI format specifications. Risk scores provided with pinpoint suggestions to enhance API security design.

Upload specification to receive a free Risk Assessment report.

Beyond Common Gateway Protection: Advanced API Risks

APIs create new risks that cannot be addressed by commoditized solutions alone. In particular this risk is caused by a lack of visibility into API specs, deep at the payload level.